5 Ways Christian Radio is Changing the Northeast

For over 30 years, the Sound of Life Radio Network has been broadcasting Christian music to the Heart of the Northeast.  During its lifespan, the station has faced some challenges, including times of dwindled financial support and required maintenance work. When we’re tested, we have to be reminded of our vision and why it’s important we faithfully continue as a station. Here are some exciting ways that God is using our Christian radio ministry in the Northeast.

Our DJs uniquely connect with and minister to our listening audience  It’s said that Christian radio offers a sense of companionship to its listeners. The DJs, such as our morning show host Joe Hunter, are committed to Ephesians 4:29, where Paul urges Christ followers to avoid unwholesome speech and, rather, say “what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” The hosts set the tone of a fun, encouraging, and authentic conversation.  1930161_10154712167431110_1724488897638588791_n


We serve as a platform for other ministries We partner with Guideposts, Justice for Orphans, Operation Christmas Child, and many other organizations committed to serving God and others. Through this partnership with our station, these ministries gain awareness. One listener emailed us to say that he became involved with ministry partner Samaritan’s Purse after hearing of last year’s Illinois tornadoes. We urge listeners to act, whether though support or volunteering. Through the platform of Christian radio, we unite the various organizations that serve as the different parts of the body of Christ.10455367_10154748531636110_8395989137754366095_n

We make a difference in our community On our website, we keep a community calendar, where churches of all denominations can list their events. We also list and announce on-air various conferences, concerts, breakfasts, and fundraisers. One of our own events includes a Drive-Thru Prayer event. On the side of the highway, we held signs that read “Prayer in 1,000 Feet.” One man was interested; he asked, “who can’t use prayer?” Long story short, this event marked a recommitment to his faith and now he is again involved in church and a men’s group.


We provide people with positive music Our slogan is “Real life, real change.” The artists we play do sing about real life, sometimes singing of their doubts and desperations and longing for God. In “Redeemed,” Big Daddy Weave professes “I’ve got a new name, a new life, I’m not the same/ and a hope that will carry me home.” The songs always point to something we can hope for – salvation and the presence of God. Of course, there’s a great diversity amongst the songs we play, ranging from Jonny Diaz’s encouraging song “More Beautiful You” to Lauren Daigle’s powerful “First.” Christian radio offers listeners a family-friendly station option, much to the appreciation of many listeners.


Christian radio changes lives This may be the most exciting part of our ministry. Though most of our listeners are Christians, our frequencies are available to anyone with a radio. We heard from one man who, following an accident, was bed ridden. In what was likely not a coincidence, his radio dial was stuck on our station. After listening for weeks, he understood the gospel message and accepted Christ as his Savior. Another real listener story is of a woman, formerly an atheist, who secretly listened to the Sound of Life in her kitchen when her husband wasn’t around. During a Good Friday broadcast, the Christ story suddenly clicked, and as she told it, she tossed the flour in excitement. We hear story after story like this, and although the circumstances are very different, the life change is the same. Predictable almost. That’s because the gospel changes lives. We just have to make it accessible for people to hear.

Jesus Changed My Life

We’re excited about the role our station is playing in transforming our community. Of course, we can only do this through God’s grace and to His glory. Will you please pray for the Sound of Life—for our outreach, financial provision, and commitment to our mission and core values?  Thank you!!

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