David Dunn Premieres New Live Studio Music Video For ‘I Wanna Go Back’

David Dunn premieres a new live studio music video for “I Wanna Go Back” exclusively with CCM Magazine today. The single is from his forthcoming album Yellow Balloons, which is set to release on February 17. “I Wanna Go Back” is continuing to climb the charts and has landed in the Top 5 on the Hot AC/CHR chart and debuted in the Top 30 at AC Monitored and Christian Airplay chart this week. Click below to view the video.

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“We almost always talk about little kids in degrading terms,” shares Dunn about his single. “‘Stop acting like a kid. Act like an adult.’ If you look in the Bible, the majority of the time Jesus speaks about kids, it’s almost always in positive terms. He’s encouraging people to be more like kids, not less like them – especially when it comes to faith. When I was a kid, the only things that mattered were that Jesus was – He existed – and that He loved me. The rest of it didn’t matter,” he continues. “‘I Wanna Go Back’ was very much a wishing to go back to the time where I hadn’t gotten so smart that I became stupid.”

Yellow Balloons was inspired by a personally tragic event during a rare visit to Dunn’s hometown of Midland, Texas, for a show, he stopped by his sister’s house to visit his two young nieces. Before he left, his sister put the youngest down for a nap, but she never woke up. To this day, the cause of death remains illusive, leaving the family with a broken heart and a well of unanswered questions. Over the course of nearly nine months, Dunn channeled his grief into his sophomore album for BEC Recordings.

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